Reduce Expense & Increase Profit

The largest benefits revolve around pricing normally reserved for large manufacturers and customers in China. We know the marketplace and utilize the factory best suited for your project. This means best price utilizing a reputable high-quality factory or vendor. But saving on price per piece is only part of the benefit. We are able to cut production minimums in half or more, and are able to cut initial at-risk investment levels in half as well. For new manufacturers, this is the most valuable benefit of all. Our pricing for molds and tooling are fractional, and always the highest quality product, which guarantees a superior end product.

We also generally require less money up front to get to the production phase. Overseas manufacturers dealing with first-time customers or small-volume companies must cover their risk areas. This always results in more money up front and higher margins to protect their interests. We very easily solve these problems with our solid track record and positive history with trade companies and factories.