Southeast Media Group has developed an innovative concept for systematically removing the risk and maximizing profits from manufacturing overseas for its clients. By having a full-time manufacturing representative in China, and buying manufactured products of all types as a consortium, SMG can provide clients with exceptional insider pricing, exceptional service and complete peace of mind. We provide results only achievable with men on the ground able to supervise all phases of manufacturing and shipments. Even as a new manufacturer, you can operate in the Pacific Rim with all of the savvy and credibility of a well-established company with a great track record for sales, high volume and prompt payment history. Our pricing can often save 20 to 50% without the hassle. We also save infinite man hours by knowing exactly where to go and how to get the job done. Finally, everyone knows quality control is a great concern in this area of the world, and an American company new to the game has little or no recourse if they are dissatisfied. Our men on the ground will oversee all production runs and shipments, offering a high level of certainty that your shipment will be exactly what was ordered, and shipped on time.

We can manufacture all types of products from molded products and CNC to textiles and large-scale multi-discipline projects. From prototypes and molds to finished packaged products, these are all part of the services we provide. One call offers all you need to take your project from design to retail shelves.

Prototype to Finished Product
Custom Soft Goods
CNC Milled • Stamped • Hybrid