We Will Reduce Risk

Doing business in a foreign country brings great inherent risks. Is there recourse if there is a problem? If you are a large volume customer, there is generally a desire by the factories to make things right. When you purchase as part of our consortium, you will be a volume customer. Personal relationships are another important part of the peace of mind equation. Again, boots on the ground removes the risk of surprises and quality concerns showing up too late in the process to correct. We have all heard the horror stories resulting from venturing out of the country, and overseas manufacturing is generally a monumental leap of faith when you are doing it for the first time. We make this risk as minimal as possible by controlling the process from start to finish.

There is always a risk of intellectual property compromises when sending anything to China. But we are in a known network, and we source multiple factories for every product requiring more than one process. This means only the final assembly plant would even understand what is being produced. We take every precaution to ensure only trustworthy parties are contracted.